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Welkin's Data Table for Flows
Free and fully-configurable Data Table for lightning flows
The Lightning component that is built specifically for Salesforce Flows
Salesforce Flow is one of the best tools to build rich and customized user interfaces with minimal effort and zero code. And a table is the best way of representing a list of records for a user in an intuitive interface.
Wondering why there's no built-in datatable component for flows? We too are wondering :)

With the universal Welkin's Data Table for Flows, you can very quickly build handy wizards, visual guides or forms with Flows and provide your users with the best way to review lists of records!
Transform your users' experience
Why Welkin's Data Table for Flows
Built for Lightning Flows
and supports all standard and custom objects
2 built-in flow templates
for a quick start
Configurable in the Flow Builder
with no coding or pre-configuration needed
Multi-selection of records with an ability to control how many records could be selected
Specify the minimal number of selected records to proceed, with a built-in validation
Sort records by any field
Search through the list of records without losing your selections
Built-in pagination
Sort records by any field
We've tried some unmanaged flow components that try to do the same thing and had issues. This worked right out of the box and is super simple to use. We used on a custom object and had no problems.
Farrel Gulierm
This is the easiest way I've found to display a table within flow. Getting records into, and selected records out is also very simple. The provided examples are priceless and everyone needs to look at them after installing.
Samuel Willson
It was very easy to install and configure the component. It allows us to let the user select several records and show different fields from those records in the table, which is much more user friendly/better UI than the multi-picklist that Salesforce offers in flows.
Sarah Lewin
This application make it easy to configure a data table with minimal effort and configure a flow based on selected records. Amazing application to use directly in the flow builder. Highly recommend this application.
Alex Larkins