from .Net to Salesforce?
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Tutorials with screenshots, examples, and some common mistakes
Are you
a .Net developer?
Do you have
a Salesforce development org?
Are you starting to code
with Apex, Visualforce, or Lightning?
Your guide from .Net to Salesforce development
Syntax knowledge
Get to know how to write code, and which rules apply to it.

Make the first steps to feel confident during exploring Salesforce developer tutorials for beginners, Salesforce Apex guides, or even Salesforce Lightning tutorials.
Platform capabilities
Learn the benefits of the platform, and how to overcome or trade-off Salesforce's limits. Squeeze everything out of Salesforce!

Do you hesitate to dig into Salesforce Lightning training? We will help you to prepare!
Business-oriented mindset
Understand Salesforce users, and think like them to resolve their business challenges.
Right tools
Use a hammer for nails — and a browser for surfing. Empower yourself with the right tools.
What you will get
Knowledge of the differences between Salesforce and non-cloud application development
Understanding approaches and mindsets for climbing aboard
Avoiding some bottlenecks on your way to Salesforce!
Helpful tools!
You are on your way to Salesforce development,
and as with any journey, the endpoint and what you need to get there is clear, but the more you dig into the challenges of the journey, the more the uncertainty starts to build, and the real question hits, "Do I really have the right mindset to conquer this?"
Looking at this from another perspective,
this is like climbing one of the highest mountains in the world. Within some time, you can research and find all the tools, skills, and resources you will need to get to the top, but with no experience guide to show you the unique approaches and mindset that you will need, your chances of summiting, much less just surviving, ZERO!!!
VLADIMIR GUBANOVICH, a former .Net Developer who has a huge experience in moving into the Salesforce world and guiding others who are also on their way. He had to learn all its twists and turns for himself, and now shares his experience and knowledge with you giving tips and solutions.

Vladimir has successfully created and implemented many complicated applications on Salesforce, so he has the real experience on what he is doing. Moreover, he leads one of the largest and fastest growing teams of Salesforce developers in Eastern Europe, which is fed with fresh talent that is trained based on material that Vladimir has helped to assemble. He is now happy to share this experience and knowledge with you.
Don't blaze a trail on your way to Salesforce development
when someone has already bulldozed a road for you!
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