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Replace your plain standard Salesforce Path with the next generation Path and
boost your users' performance with a whole lot of advanced features and experience.

With little effort and cost.
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Welkin's Customizable Path in Action
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How is it better than standard Salesforce Path?
Welkin's Customizable Path fills all gaps that you was thinking about, just take a look
Restrict status changes
Restrict status changes to only relevant Profiles and Roles in just a couple of clicks, so only those who are responsible for a certain status will be able to complete it.

Without any validation rules, without issues maintaining restrictions.
Mark fields as required for any specific status change
Don't ask your users to "not forget to fill a field" when changing status for a record and don't build hundreds of validation rules to force your users. Instead - help your users to fill everything that's needed for any given status transition.

You have full control to make any field required or optional separately for any status change.

Without validation rules, without any code or complicated configurations.
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Capture ALL key fields, not just 5
Want to save your users' time and show them corresponding key fields for each status and face a strange limitation of just 5 key fields?
With Welkin's Customizable Path you are free to show as many key fields as possible.

Even more - you can configure separate screens (or lists of fields) to show for current status and for any transition.

Without custom development - just as you would do this for Salesforce's Path.
Guide users through a path
It doesn't matter if your processes are straightforward or tricky and complicated - your users are happier and more efficient if they can swim like a fish through processes.

Welkin's Customizable Path will help by highlighting allowed next statuses, disabling forbidden statuses, and showing your text guidance for users. So there won't be any validation errors that your users are facing after doing something, and they won't waste their time on this!
Start Improving Your Users' Experience Today
Don't hesitate and install Welkin's Customizable Path on your organization to check it's benefits on your own!
Why choosing Welkin's Customizable Path
Based on needs of hundreds of Salesforce users
We do not "invent the wheel" or build Welkin's Customizable Path just for the sake of building a new product. We've incorporated the experience and feedback of hundreds of Salesforce users and our customers into the package that you can install within a minute.
Built by Salesforce Experts
With more than 100 completed Salesforce projects and implementations, we know what exactly is painful for Salesforce Consultants and Customers when they implement business processes in Salesforce.
We've used our deep experience and development skills to build this package for you.
Easy to Configure and Maintain
We want you to save your time and money, while at the same time improve your Salesforce organization. This is why Welkin's Customizable Path does not require any specific knowledge or skills to configure and use it - no code, no complicated setup, no mess with maintaining it.
Friendly Support
If you would have questions or would need advice on how to use Welkin's Customizable Path - our friendly support will gladly get in touch with you asap.
Personalized Customizations and Features
If the existing functionality is not enough for you - our team will be happy to talk to you and implement new features as a part of the next package version or as a custom-tailored solution just for you.
Even if you would need any development or configuration for your Salesforce organization - we as well can help you!
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Welkin's Customizable Path Pricing
Transparent organization-wide licensing
$125 per month
The fastest and easiest option to improve your processes in Salesforce for a cost of less than one Salesforce license for ALL your users!

✔️ No hidden fees
✔️ No locked features
✔️ Organization-wide licensing
✔️ Payments through AppExchange
✔️ 14-day trial
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$1250 per year
The great way to save even more with all the Welkin's Customizable Path features and capabilities!

✔️ No hidden fees
✔️ No locked features
✔️ Organization-wide licensing
✔️ Payments through AppExchange
✔️ 14-day trial
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What our customers say
Roland Lundblad
Enterprise Architect at Addcent Consulting
One of our more advanced Service Cloud customers had a complex Case process with a lot of Case fields and many steps to go through. For each step we wanted to highlight the mandatory fields and provide a guide into how to fill them in. This could simply not be achieved with the standard Path, so we thought we had to custom develop something in order to meet the requirements. Then we found, Welkin's Customizable Path, which not only provided the needed functionality, but also was really easy to configure. We could quickly present a solution, and saved a lot of time and budget in our project by using this app.
Oleg Grishkevich
Enterprise Solutions Architect
Welkin's Customizable Path, even before it got this name and was an AppExchange package, was a great help for us when implementing Salesforce and it helps us cut maintenance costs as our processes evolve!
It allowed us to build very complicated Sales and Operations paths with a lot of involved teams. We were able to focus our teams on only relevant statuses while guiding them through a path & always collecting every bit of information we needed.
Watch Welkin's Customizable Path in action on our webinar!
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✔️ How to apply restrictions for Stage changes
✔️ How to create field screens and reuse them for your Path's
✔️ How to add Welkin's Custom Path to your Record Pages so your users will start using it
✔️ ... and get all your questions answered!

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