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Perform the more drawn-out and complex Salesforce administration tasks faster and with less efforts within The Welkin Suite.

Save tons of time

Easy deployment

Intuitive usage

Not even one line of code is needed. All the necessary functionality is available via handy commands and buttons.

Click on what needs to be accomplished, rather than thinking of how to accomplish it

Deploy changes using only one button and get notifications in case of any issues.

All the information and necessary controls are present in one window, making everything a piece of cake!

with just clicks

Informative design

Boost Your Productivity

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Easy Deployment and Orgs Comparison

Deploy to another organization

Migrate your recent changes from one organization to another or just validate them without affecting any org. The Welkin Suite leads you throughout the whole process from selecting components, deployment, and up through testing. This also includes a deep comparison of the content on both orgs.  

Validation Rules Editor

Deploy to another organization

Learn about the results of a complex query before putting this query in your code — with just a handful of clicks. All you need to do is select the necessary fields in the list, and The Welkin Suite will do all the routine work for you.


Declarative Development in a nutshell

Watсh the video 

from the Dreamforce'17

Create validation rules directly from the Admin Panel in The Welkin Suite. Just a few mouse clicks — and get the ready to use validation rule with all the needed conditions and messages.

SOQL Query Builder & Data Editor

Permission Sets


Grant users multiple access to various tools and functions using a simple interface. The Welkin Suite gives you the ability to easily assign a permission set to different users as well as assign multiple permission sets to just one user — just with a few clicks.

Permission Sets


Manage all the permissions sets from your organization in one window: review sub-items in a permission set's structure, enable or disable them, or even globally reconfigure the model of permissions.

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Save time using a single program instead of multiple applications, get all the results in one tool, and enjoy a friendly and intuitive UI.



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