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The Game-changing update of The Welkin Suite

Release Highlights:

This is largest release The Welkin Suite has pushed in more than two years and it contains many transformative features, based on users feedback, that all current and future users of the IDE need to know.

If you have missed the webinar, or if you’d like to go through some of its parts — you can easily do so!

Watch the video recording of the session!

In this 45 minutes webinar, you can stop thinking about wanting, and missing such options, as you will see all these and even more changes in what is 

The Welkin Suite's biggest release in the past 2 years!

Get a better perspective on what works.

Metadata support

Get 120+ metadata types to your project

Metadata sets

Configure your metadata working set, to work faster

Git repo

Create The Welkin Suite project from your Git repo or sources folders


Org reconnection

Easily reconnect your project to any other organization

New Deployment

Deploy and retrieve changes to/from your organizations in a lot of new ways

Deploy on save

Enable that "Deploy on save" option

Have you thought what it would be like to have all the metadata from your org in your The Welkin Suite project, but still be able to work with the ones that you most commonly use in the fastest possible way? 

Or, have you ever wanted to feed your Git repo or plain sources directly to TWS, to have a more seamless workflow?

Or, maybe, you were missing some deploy or retrieve options in the IDE?

Seamlessly work with your team and version control setup in The Welkin Suite

Try The Welkin Suite and let's get things started!

If you've been struggling with building and scaling your business, we're here to help! 

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